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td1360 precision i/v converter

精密交直流 i/v 转换器最佳准确度等级可达 0.005 输出标称电压为 1 v

电流测量能力最大达 60 a

电流转换模式:具有 dc、ac、dc + ac 三种模式,可任意切换

直流测量模式7 位测量数显准确度为 0.005 

交流测量模式:6 位测量数显,准确度为 0.01 级,f:5 hz ~  1 khz


model td1360, a precision ac and dc i/v converter. the optimal accuracy class is up to 0.005, the nominal output voltage is 1 v.

combine with data collectors to analyze harmonics, and to measure ratio difference, phase angle difference. combine with v-v dividers to build measurement system of voltage, current, power, frequency, phase and power factor.


 current measurement capability: 0.1 a to 60 a, range switching by automatic or manual. not easy to damage when overloaded.

 current conversion modes: dc, ac and dc+ac, 3 modes can be switched freely.

 dc measurement mode: 7 digits display with an accuracy of class 0.005.

 ac measurement mode: 6 digits display with an accuracy of class 0.01 at a frequency from 5 hz to 1 khz.

 excellent human-computer interaction: large lcd touch screen, more intuitive of value display and easier operation.

electrical specifications


measurement characteristics

 range switching: automatic or manual

 measuring range: 0.1 a to 60 a

 display: 7 digits for dc, 6 digits for ac.

 frequency: 5 hz to 1 khz

general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 maximum power consumption: 60 va

 operating environment: 15 °c to +35 °c, 20 % to 85 % r·h, non-condensing

 storage environment: 0 °c to +40 °c, <95 % r·h, non-condensing

 dimensions (w × h × d): 400 mm × 205 mm × 195 mm

 weight: 8 kg

 communication: rs-232 interface

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