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th0360 high-precision calibrator for dc resistance meters


阻值范围: 0.1 μω ~ 1.1 gω

具有 线 / 4 线电阻模式

最佳准确度达 0.002 


model th0360, an intelligent calibrator that can accurately simulate a wide range of dc standard resistance. the measuring range is from 0.1 μω to 1.1 gω by 2-wire ohms or 4-wire ohms resistance, the optimal accuracy is up to class 0.002.

applied to calibrate wheatstone bridges, double bridges and broadband dc resistance meters. current measuring range is from 10 ma to 33 a, automatically switch on all ranges, measuring accuracy is up to ±0.0025 % which is much better than 8½ digital multimeters.

reference standards

 jjg 125-2004 verification regulation of d.c. bridges

 jjg 124-2005 verification regulation of amperemeters, voltmeters, wattmeters and ohmmeters

 jjg 166-1993 verification regulation of d.c. resistors

 jjg 837-2003 verification regulation of d.c. low resistance meters


 calibrate single bridges (wheatstone bridges) and double bridges (classes 0.005 and below). e.g., qj36, qj32, qj23, qj19 and qj18.

 calibrate dc ohmmeters (classes 0.005 and below). e.g., rm3545 and rm3544.

 calibrate the resistance measurement function of 6½ digital multimeters. e.g., agilent34401a, keithley2100 and fluke8845a.

 calibrate dc current sources (classes 0.005 and below). e.g., td1850, td1860 and td1500.

 calibrate temperature measuring bridges (classes 0.005 and below)


 full digital adjustment and programming interface, the resolution is as low as 0.01 nω which is greatly better than physical resistors.

 compared with the traditional physical standard resistance box, there is no error effect caused by the residual resistance and contact resistance from bandswitch, avoids resistance change caused by overload.

 wide current measuring range is from 10 ma to 33 a, the optimal accuracy is up to ±0.0025 %, and fully-automatically switches on all ranges, strong capability of current overload, esd function and high reliability, can be used as a best dc ammeter.

 hd lcd touch screen make intuitive display and convenient operation.

 connect the apparatus to a computer via rs-232 interface, easy to build computer automatic test system.

electrical specifications 

dc current


measurement characteristics

 range switching: automatic or manual.

 measuring range: 10 ma to 33 a

 display: 8 digits

 warm-up time: 30 minutes

4-wire low resistance (r1)


equivalent resistance characteristics

 resistance range: 0.100 00 μω to 100.000 ω

 display: 6 digits

2-wire and 4-wire resistance (r2)


equivalent resistance characteristics

 resistance range: 10 % to 110 % on all ranges.

 display: 6 digits

general specifications

 line power: 220 v ±22 v, 50 hz ±2 hz

 operating environment: +18 °c to +28 °c, r·h from 40 % to 65 %, non-condensing

 storage environment: +5 °c to +40 °c, r·h <85 %, non-condensing

 communication: rs-232 interface

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