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th0400 precision coaxial shunt


共含 14 只不同量程的精密同轴分流器 

测量: dc ~ 100 khz0.1 ma ~ 110 a 

标称电压值均为 1 v

最优准确度达 20 ppm


model th0400, a series of 14 various ranges precision coaxial shunts, applied to measure ac/dc current from 0.1 ma to 110 a and frequency from dc to 100 khz, the optimal accuracy is up to ±20 ppm.

applied to measure precision ac and dc current and calibrate precision ammeters and standard current sources.


the nominal voltage is 1 v, can measure current by directly matching high-precision voltmeters or other measurement instruments.

  for 1 ma, 10 ma and other high resistance current shunts, combine with the model th0600 to avoid errors caused by wire connection or input impedance drops of digital meters at high frequency.

 compared to 0.5 v, 0.8 v and other voltage value, the 1v nominal voltage has a higher noise ratio, easier current conversion, faster error calculation, and accords with the 1-2-5 sequence principle of modern measurement.

 precision components and production processes ensure the resistance value stable, the typical resistance change value is ±5 μω/ω in 1 year, and the maximum resistance change value is ±16 μω/ω in 1 year.

 good heat dissipation, lower temperature coefficient and self-heating power factor ensure a good stability.

 small phase displacement between the input current and the sampled voltage, the phase displacement is less than 0.0015 ° even at 1 khz. this feature is critical for the measurement of non-sinusoidal and wideband signals, applied to analyze power quality and calibrate digital power meters.

 the capacity of loading current and withstanding current impulse is limited, but you can use a set of shunts to obtain a wide range of current measurement.

electrical specifications







general specifications

 operating environment: +13 °c to 33 °c, r·h ≤50 %, altitude from 0 to 3,000 m.

 calibrate temperature: +18 °c to 28 °c

 storage environment: +5 °c to +45 °c, r·h from 15 % to 80 %.

 input interfaces: type-n (f) for 1 ma to 20 a, type-lc (f) for 50 a to 100 a.

 output interfaces: type-n (f)

 notes: the stability of resistance is affected by humidity, but the change is reversible. when stored in a harsh environment, it may cause the resistance to change by a value of ±20 ppm,  and return to the original resistance within the next 30 days if the coaxial shunts are stored or operated in the specified environment later.

 dimension and weight:


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