th0170 high-凯发k8555

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th0170 high-precision hvdc divider


有 6 只不同高压量程 ( 可定制 )

额定电压: dc 1 kv  50 kv

最佳比例准确度达 ± 5 ppm

输出电压标称值为 10 v


model th0170, a series of high-precision hvdc dividers, convert high voltage to low voltage with maintaining accurate ratio. a set of instrument contains 6 high-precision voltage dividers with different ranges (customized for particular requirements).

rated voltage range is from 1 kv to 50 kv, the optimal ratio accuracy is ±5 ppm. the nominal output voltage is 10 v, it can be displayed directly when connecting digital multimeters.

applied to calibrate hvdc meters, standard sources, probes and safety instruments.

electrical specifications 



general specifications
 operating environment: +15 °c to +30 °c, r·h ≤50 %, altitude from 0 m to 3,000m.
3. general specifications

 storage environment: +5 °c to +45 °c, r·h from 15 % to 80 %.

 notes: when stored in a harsh environment, 

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