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td8655 ac and dc teslameter

适用于 oiml r46 指令中对磁场影响量试验中的磁场测量



仪器可通过 "+/-" 号判断 n / s 极性



td8655 is a widely used ac and dc teslameter with the maximum magnetic field of 3t and supports full-automatic range switching. it can directly measure the magnetic field produced by the magnetic field generator, the surface magnetic field of various materials, remanence of materials after demagnetization, the residual magnetism of machining parts, etc. it can also be used to measure the space alternating magnetic field. the apparatus is especially suitable for magnetic induction intensity measurement or other weak alternating magnetic field measurement on the meter verification device (see appendix below) and magnetic field measurement in oiml r46, such as power frequency magnetic field intensity 400a/m, 1000a/m and dc magnetic field 200mt etc.


● a variety of measurement methods: dc mode, ac mode, and weak magnetic field mode are optional.

● two kinds of probes available: holzer probe for strong magnetic field and coil induction probe for weak magnetic field.

● the magnetic field frequency can be simultaneously displayed on the same screen, which greatly improves the repeatability and accuracy of the measurement.

● the apparatus can judge the polarity of n / s by means of "+ /", and multiple units of g, t, oe and a/m can also be selected.

● the apparatus can record the maximum and minimum value and calculate the average value, standard variance, and stability of the period.

● the upper and lower limits can be set, function of automatic warning for overrun and automatic one-key zero cleaning is supported.

● it is equipped with large size and high-definition lcd, which is intuitive and convenient for operation.

● it is equipped with standard rs232 interface to facilitate the establishment of automatic test system by connecting to the host computer.

technical specifications

coil induction probe for measuring magnetic field


measurement characteristics:

● measurement range: 1 μt~1 mt

 frequency range: 45 hz~65 hz

 display: 5 digits

● note: it is used to measure the magnetic induction intensity at the location of verified meter in the verification apparatus.

holzer probe for measuring magnetic field


measurement characteristics:

● measurement range: 0.3 mt~3 t

● frequency range: 45 hz~65 hz

● display: 5 digits

general specifications

● line powerac ( 220 ± 22 ) v,( 50 ± 2 ) hz

● maximum consumption: 80 va

● operating environment: 0 ℃~40 ℃,20%~85% r·h,non-condensing

● storage environment: -20 ℃~70 ℃,< 95% r·h,non-condensing

● dimensions(width*depth*height): 330 mm × 220 mm × 190 mm

● weight: 5.5 kg

● standard interfacers232


the requirements of jjg597-2005 verification regulation of verification equipment for ac electrical energy meters for the magnetic field are as follows:

the magnetic field of the equipment

the magnetic induction intensity should not be greater than the following values when placed in the location of the checked list.

   i ≤ 10 a,   b ≤ 0.0025 mt

   i ≤ 200 a,  b ≤ 0.05 mt

the limit values of magnetic induction between 10a and 200a can be obtained by interpolation.

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