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th0600 precision unity gain buffer

专用于将高内阻信号转换为低阻输出的精密缓冲器其增益为 1


v/v  i/v 精密转换器缓冲输出





model th0600, a precision buffer that converts high impedance input signal into low impedance output signals.

the output unity gain is 1, low ac-dc difference and phase displacement. as a necessary instrument for the output of v/v and i/v precision converter, the model th0600 can combine with the sampling system to build automatic test system, applied to precision measurement of broadband voltage, current, phase and power.

as an option for model th0400, model th0600 adopts battery powered mode to minimize noise and other interference.


 coaxial shunts buffer output

 v/v and i/v precision converter buffer output

 precision measurement of broadband voltage, current, phase and power.

 measure phase displacement of transformers

 analyze power quality

 measurement applications at low power factor

electrical specifications

 input voltage: 7 vpk

 input impedance: 10 mω // 20 pf

ac-dc difference and phase displacement


● power supply: battery powered, minimum 7 hours of continuous work at full charge.

general specifications

 operating environment: +13 °c to +33 °c, r·h ≤50 %, altitude from 0 m to 3,000 m.

 storage environment: +5 °c to +45 °c, r·h from 15 % to 80 %.

 connection: type-n (f) - 50 ω for input, type-n (m) - 50 ω for output.

 dimensions (w × h × d): 200 mm × 105 mm × 120 mm

 weight: 1.5 kg

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